My belief is that perception can completely alter ones reality. The more we perceive the world as a happy place, ultimately the happier it will be. There have always been endless possibilities in your life but its your perception that cages you. A year ago I did not think traveling would be possible for me. I had enough money put away, enough time on my hands and nothing tying me down. I guess it was the fear of the unknown that held me back. More truthfully still, it was the cost. I was becoming more attached to money then to my own happiness. As soon as I was able to convince myself to change my perception, the world opened up to me. I know I will never be rich, nor do I want to be. I know I will never own the nicest car or become a famous musician. I admit I will never become another cog in the wheel. I am happy with “less.” As I see it, its not your wealth or education that cage’s you, it’s your perception of the world around you. Our mistake is in thinking we need all of our accumulated possessions to make us happy and yet life had more meaning before our television, phones, internet and designer cloths. Our excess has defused our values and sense of self, leaving us with this empty void. Even when people have enough, they desperately try to achieve more. One day soon something needs to change. We cannot sustain ourselves on this capitalist system and although everyone is aware of the crisis, no one wants to change. It is a tough thing to change the set of values taught to us at birth.

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